Chi Wing Yeung: Assistant Coach

After starting classes at Affinity, SiFu Jamie has been able to open my mind, to see what martial arts really is about. It is exactly as others have said, a training of mind, body and spirit. Without the right mind, your body will not follow, without the right training on your body, your body won’t be able to keep up with your mind. I can do things that I was never even able to imagine when I was young. The kicking and punching that you only see in the movies, are now a part of me.

  • Affinity Ladies Kickboxing Assistant Coach May 2016
  • Affinity Martial Arts Levels Assistant Coach July 2017

I grew up in Hong Kong, one of the world biggest martial arts movie industries in the world. Hong Kong presents to us some of the most famous martial artists in movies, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, and now Donnie Yen. When I was young, I love watching martial arts movies with my parents. The feeling that I get when I see combos lead to other combos, is the blood boiling feeling that has been sending me hidden message for years. Sadly, I didn’t see the message clearly until my late 20’s. At that point in life, I was very unhealthy. I had a job that I didn’t like, I had no motivation on anything except video games and fast food. I didn’t like who I had become. When I got a new job, I promise myself I’m going to change for the better. So, I found a place where I could do Boxing. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I couldn’t stop wanting it, and I couldn’t stop loving it. Even if I was the only me showed up to class, I still kept on training. This is what passion feels like. The blood boiling feeling when you throw a good clean punch to the heavy bag, and the bag flies away from you is a feeling that you will not get from anything else. You feel powerful, you feel young, and most importantly, you feel confident. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. When I am hitting the pads, that’s when the blood boiling feeling inside of me turns into something next level. Have you ever imagine yourself becoming a hero? The feeling of you are the main character of the story, the feeling of being able to do what others can’t do, is what drives me to become my better self.

We will explore your limits, both mind and body, and we will guide you to go over your limits, and reach a new height. It will take all day to count all the great things that Affinity Martial Arts can bring to you. But it would be best for you to come try it yourself. After all, don’t you have that blood boiling feeling in you? The feeling that will make you your own hero!